Ways on how can a criminal lawyer in Israel (written as עורך דין פלילי in Hebrew) help you?


There are different kinds of lawyers, there are corporate lawyers who focus on cases concerning corporates like those which includes shares, employment concerns, and the likes. There are also criminal lawyers that focus on defending people who are charged with criminal cases.

Every day, there are many crimes committed. Some are minor crimes while there are also major ones that may involve death. Whether big or small crimes, a criminal lawyer can handle that. Many people ask, how can a criminal lawyer in Israel (written as עורך דין פלילי in Hebrew) help you? Here are some of the ways

They can win your case

If the defendant has a solid proof against the case, a criminal lawyer will surely be able to help them. They will use the pieces of evidence to ensure that the justice will favor their client and that there will be no charges against the client. The lawyer is in-charge in making sure that the defendant will win and will not have to pay for any damages or will not have to go into prison.

They can lessen your punishment

If in case the defendant does not have enough proof and the case is not so good, a lawyer can negotiate with the other party or can please to lessen the sanctions of the client. Like if they are to be jailed, the lawyer can ask to lessen the period of imprisonment or if they need to pay for anything, the lawyer can ask to bring the amount to a more reasonable price.


There are so many things a criminal lawyer can do. The ones listed above are just the basic thing they do. Aside from these, they also give advises to people who are likely to face criminal charges to ensure that they will win the case and will not be charged for anything.

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